The California Small Business Development Center Network

Small Business Continuity Training: Earthquake Education/Outreach Project Phase II

The California SBDC (CASBDC) Network was awarded $220,000 to create educational modules regarding disaster preparedness for new and existing business owners.  The educational modules encompassed information that small business owners need to know to be prepared for disruption caused by major earthquakes or other natural disasters.

  • The California SBDC Network provides (2) direct service delivery methods for educating small business owners. The two services are one-on-one consulting and training. Consulting is provided at a no-cost basis and trainings are provided at little to not cost.  The California SBDC Network created new educational curriculum for small business owners through a five-minute instructional video on disaster preparedness and awareness and handout materials.  Small business owners received such curriculum through training and then those seeking further assistance on how to create disaster preparedness plans were consulted one-on-one for specialized assistance.
  • California SBDC Network committed to conduct 420 trainings across the state, educating approximately 10,500 individuals. The California SBDC Network conducted 859 trainings across the state, training 10,647 individuals. The trainings were rolled out a little more than a year ago and all 43 SBDC centers participated in the program.
  • More than 10,500 individual businesses were introduced to disaster preparedness for their business, including the California Small Business Disaster Resource Guide. The Guide includes a disaster preparedness checklist, information on government disaster assistance, and details on how to prepare, respond to, and recover from a disaster.

This project was completed in Winter 2017.