Review of Project Delays for the

San Francisco Public Utilities Water System Improvement Program

The Wholesale Regional Water System Security and Reliability Act required the County San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to adopt a specified program of capital improvement projects designed to restore and improve the Bay Area regional water system that delivers water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite. Within 90 days of receiving a notice of project deletions or delays for the program, the SSC and the State Department of Public Health are to submit to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee written comments with regard to the significance of the changes with respect to public health and safety. In September 2017, the SSC received a notice about 15 months of delay for three projects and submitted its comments to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee in November. The delays don’t adversely impact the seismic safety of the program since the three projects experiencing further delays are not impeding the delivery of water.