The California Seismic Safety Commission held its November 9, 2017, meeting at the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento to highlight the cooperation between California and Mexico on earthquake issues and to review preliminary lessons learned from the devastating Mexican earthquakes earlier in the year.

Commissioner Kit Miyamoto, an expert on the structural dimensions of earthquake preparedness and safety, was in the impacted areas of the September 2017 earthquakes in Puebla, Mexico, while victims of the earthquake were still being located. He gave his firsthand impressions of what failed and what worked in terms of structural safety and shared his experiences in the recovery effort.

Also presenting on Mexico at the November meeting was Dr. San-Ho Yu of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a NASA research facility operated by Cal Tech. His presentation covered the use of the FINDER system after the Mexican earthquakes of 2017 to help locate people buried under the rubble, improving rescue and saving lives. The FINDER system is one of the NASA developed technologies identified by JPL, a Seismic Safety Commission partner and grantee, for use during and after an earthquake.