Earthquake Visualization Tools – Earthquake Monitoring


Earthquakes occur virtually all of the time all around the world. While we routinely think of the Pacific coast and Alaska as US earthquake centers, earthquakes have occurred in New Hampshire, Kansas, Colorado, and Indiana, with major M>7 earthquakes in Montana, Missouri, South Carolina, and Idaho. Keeping track of these and many more around the world is done using accelerometers/seismometers and computer modeling tools. In the US, the US Geological Survey (USGS) in partnership with academic and government agencies worldwide runs the Global Seismographic Network and makes the data available freely to private and public organizations.

These data are then made available in the form of web pages, pager notifications, and mobile phone applications. The USGS even has an earthquake notification service, which will email you or send a text alert with links to detailed Web resources for earthquakes occurring near you (